Mustache Nation

The Mustache; a Sign of Valor

Fellows, its all that we’ve got sometimes.  Our mustache…

The hair grown on the upper lip may be one of the oldest and purist of accomplishments man knows today.

The word mustache did not surface itself until around the 14th century with entomology references to the words upper lip today exists without any confusion to its definement.  Men, traditionally embrace this culture of growth to fashion many different ties to society depending on its venue.

Young men, wear a stache as a sign of valor amongst friends. Celebrities wear their stache as a trademark of success. Wise men show their mustaches of as a display of wisdom. The list goes on but whatever the reason, the mustache has its own representation to each individual’s circumstance.

This website is dedicated to all the men and in some instances, women, that walk proudly showcasing their mustache.