Male Grooming

Male Grooming

So where do we start talking about this.   Well, this is a mustache themed site so certainly we should include the different styles of mustaches that can make up the beginnings of a groom session.  You can find those different styles more detailed in the mustache styles portion of this site.

The horse shoe mustache is my particular favorite but certainly the pencil thin mustache is quite sophisticated.


horse shoe mustache

Male grooming continues though to a broad set of areas such as ear hair.  Gentlemen, manscaping includes those ears.  What about the eyebrows.  This one has still been difficult for me to swallow.  I cannot argue that I have some rogue eyebrow

hairs that get out of control but when I go to get my hair cut and the dresser volunteers to hit up my brows with a quick buzzer, I vote no way.  I personally carefully clip them later with a small scissor.

Male grooming does certainly take into account for back hair and chest hair.  My stance on that is hit the back hair bare to skin when you can think about it and hit the chest with like a 1 guard to bring it down but going bare to skin I think doesn’t really matter.

And finally the rest of the obvious places.  Clean it up; nuff said about that.

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