What is this all about.  Well, the word manscape is a play on words between man and landscaping.  Cute right… uh yea, whatever you say.

What is our responsibility as guys to take care of this so called manscaping or male grooming? Well… everything. That is if you care or if your significant other cares but you should.  Times have changed and its time to take responsibility for yourself.  Now I’m not saying go get a pedicure if that’s not your thing but do take care of yourself.  Go buy a cheap trimmer and buzz up those areas that have gotten out of control.  Just like when you take the time to trim the weeds behind the shed a few times a year.  Manscaping is the same concept.  You got to cut back those areas and that’s really what its all about.  Everyone will be pleased; even me if you have a wild farm of wheat growing on your back and I am taking my kids to the beach!

As for the stache, ya mon; that’s all part of it too but with your mustache, points are given to creativity and risk!

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