Mustache Tattoo

Mustache Tattoo

I’m never ceased to be amazed by some of the suggestions that some of the readers send me but this one really caught my attention.  Mustache Tattoos.  On the surface, it seems somewhat ridiculous when I first thought about it; why would anyone get a mustache tattoo and where would they get it but once I started doing some research, apparently its actually kind of popular.  I am seeing a lot of people get a tiny mustache tattoo on their pointer finger and they hold it up to their face under their nose to present a finger mustache tattoo.  Sort of funny… well sort of funny if its drawn on with a pen but I’m not to sure about getting a real tattoo of a mustache on my finger.  I much rather just grow one but hey, everybody likes different things.  If you have any good mustache tattoos feel free to post them in the comments or email them to me in the contact form and I’ll post them on the site.

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