Reasons to grow a mustache

Reasons to Grow a Mustache

There are many reasons to grow a mustache but in my opinion, its best to do it out of self discipline. The beginnings of mustache growth can be a humbling time for an adult male. I make this distinguishing note between adult males and a teenager struggling for any peach fuzz to turn a darker shade in the hopes they might be able to pass as older and buy some smokes.

…sorry, I got side tracked. The beginning weeks of growing a mustache can be pretty rough but you have to remember that just like everything else in life, you reap what you sew. Push through the days of early growth and you will be rewarded in the weeks to come. To limit the outsider days of looking like a weird guy who has some dirt under his nose, you can full on quit shaving for a few weeks. Given, your job allows the look of a two week old shave, you can pull this off until you feel as though you are ready to get rid of your beard and show off your mustache. Another choice is the fu man chu. You can grow one of these just about in any line of business and let your mustache really have time to assemble nicely underneath your nose. These are just a few strategies you can take early on when growing your mustache.

Once you have felt as if you are really a contender, shave off all the hair and display your mustache. You will undoubtedly find yourself with a Chevron but give it time an you can grow just about any style mustache you choose!

Go ahead and get started and start to grow a mustache today!!

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